Welcome to the Functional Ecology group

Our research focuses on the interactions between plants and ecosystem processes, and how these are influenced by environmental changes and human activities. We study growth and performance of plants in relation to environmental conditions, including plant-soil and plant-herbivore interactions.

We have a particular interest in endangered and invasive plant species, and in mechanisms of species coexistence, competition and facilitation. We combine an experimental approach with field monitoring studies and meta-analysis of existing data.

A uniting theme in our research is the question of how processes are affected by the stoichiometry (i.e. the balance) of nutrients.

Here, we present the research activities of the Functional Ecology of Plants and Ecosystems group at the VUB, which started in 2013. These activities build on the research lines that I developed at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) and some Dutch and Swedish universities. Some of these previous projects, as well as my previous co-workers, are mentioned as well.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our work!

Harry olde Venterink